Why choose BBQ?

We are on a mission

The digital industry has a lot of making up to do. Far too many web developers break their promises, break reputations and worst of all break websites and this is simply unacceptable to us.

We’ve spent a lot of time researching other web developers and often they are able to ‘talk the talk’ but fail to deliver on their own manifesto, sometimes even on their own website! We don’t work that way, we always deliver the best, ‘It’ll do’ is not in our vocabulary. If we can’t build it perfectly, we won’t accept the project. We would rather lose money than fail to deliver what we promised.

We are BBQ and we Build Better Quality as standard.

The fuel to our fire

Sounds good right? It’s easy enough to say that we are exceptional but here is what we do to guarantee it:

  • Illustration of a wizards hat

    We put the wizards in charge

    Every person in our team has been a project lead in the past. We only allow people of the highest calibre to be part of our team. There are no juniors at BBQ Digital.

  • Illustration of responsive design

    No half measures

    Every website we build is responsive and when we say that, we really mean it. We test on real devices to make sure everything looks as it should.

  • Illustration of a clipboard

    No lazy coding

    We have strict coding guidelines which all our developers must adhere to at all times.

  • Illustration of a tape measure

    Made to measure

    We don’t use ‘off the shelf’ products; everything we deliver is bespoke. We even chose a CMS based on how much we could tailor it to our customers.

  • Illustration of the new disability/accessibility logo

    A web for everyone

    Every website we build adheres to WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards enabling those with physical impairments to use your website.

  • Illustration of a space rocket

    Rocket-powered website

    All of our websites are optimized for ideal SEO conditions. Meaning your website will get a boost just by being built by us.

  • Illustration of the prince 2 logo

    Staying organized

    Our project manager is PRINCE2 certified, ensuring your projects will always run smoothly.

  • Illustration of a certicate

    Peace of mind

    All our projects are covered by a 1 year warranty.

That’s not everything of course. That’s just for starters; we aren’t giving all our secrets away!

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